Medicare Policies

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August 2020


We are now accepting Medicare.

People with older skin have unique skin and specific health care needs. At Clinic Dermatology, we are a registered provider for Medicare beneficiaries. We are well-prepared to deal with the unique dermatology challenges faced by our seniors. 

We are not yet in-network with Medicare Advantage. We have a limited number of scheduling slots for Medicare beneficiaries. Please call our office to learn more. All Medicare appointments are handled by our Medicare coordinator. Please plan to call us, provide the front desk with your demographic information, and our Medicare coordinator will call you back the next day. All Medicare beneficiaries must notify us within 7 days of any change in their Medicare plan. Please note that you must inform the front desk the nature of your medical needs, should they be a full head-to-toe skin exam or a problem-focused appointment. 



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Clinic Dermatology is not in-network with the following plans: Medicaid, Molina, Community Health Plan, Apple, Medicare Advantage, AARP, Humana, Kaiser core. If you have one of these, you are welcome to pay our self-pay rates, which are lower than you might think!