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Dec 18, 2021

We are closed for Christmas break. We re-open Tuesday 12/28/21. We will be answering phones/emails periodically during the break. We are taking new patient appointments for late January 2022. 

Dec 2021

Starting 1/1/22 we will no longer have medical appointments on Saturdays. We will continue to do extractions and other esthetic procedures two Saturdays each month. 

Summer 2021

by Bradley Jellerichs, ARNP

This summer has seen an explosion in folks who are worried about their skin. I have seen more hand dermatitis in the past year than in the previous 10 years combined. Long-ignored conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea are becoming more important. Skin conditions that affect confidence, such as acne, are prompting folks to seek the services of a medical dermatology clinic. We also have seen a surge of seniors who need a full skin exam (aka 'mole patrol') and a new dermatology provider. We are ready to serve your medical dermatology needs. 

Many of our patients worry about cost. Perhaps you have insurance, but it's high deductible insurance and tends to not cover much. Perhaps you have state insurance and you have learned that there are no dermatology offices who accept it (We don't). Or maybe you have no insurance. You have seen stories on the news about enormous medical bills and don't want that to be you.


Our self-pay patients pay $180 for a new patient exam. After that you will be prescribed some treatment, perhaps some medications, perhaps some procedure, perhaps some surgery. For 90% of patients, the cost of that is $200 or less. If you add it up, you will see it's way less than you were worried about. So pick up your phone and text us right now at 253-251-2688. 

Note from owner. June 2021

We are open and serving the dermatology needs of the community! We are doing face-to-face appointments. We are also responding to text messages, emails, voicemails, prescription refill requests from pharmacies, etc. 

We are welcoming follow-up appointments and new patients. Call or text us at 253.251.2688 or email info@clinicdermatology.com



Here are the steps we are taking to keep you and our employees safe


Chairs in lobby are spaced out


Fancy medical air filter has been installed by Medify. 

Appointments are spaced out so there should only be one person in the lobby at a time


All surfaces in the clinic (in the lobby and in patient-care areas are sanitized between every patient). This includes clipboards, pens, lobby-chairs, bathrooms, doorknobs, etc., in addition to the patient areas. 

Sneeze guard has been installed in our reception area. 


All staff will be wearing PPE, which may include gloves, mask, headmask, and gown.


We have kept all our employees. We have terminated no employees during this process. 


We are making our cancellation policies very generous. You may cancel your medical appointment up to 1 hour prior to your appointment with no cancellation fee. The fee will apply if you no-call no-show. Cancellation policy for the esthetician is 24 hours. 


Here are things you can do


If you are sick, stay home. You may cancel your medical appointment up to 1 hours prior to your appointment with no cancellation fee. 


Ask for a mask if you need one. We will provide one to you if asked.


Consider doing a teledermatology appointment. These are covered by all in-network insurance plans.


Leave your friends and family at home. 


Wear a mask!


Cancel your appointment if you are sick.



You have a skin issue? You need a dermatology clinic. We can help you. We welcome both simple issues and complex medical problems. 

Our patients like our clinic. Our appointments run on time. We have Saturday appointments, our medical estheticians who perform facials and chemical peels all undergo intensive training by Brad Jellerichs himself.  BJ developed his own prescription line of topical acne medications, which are mixed up by a a compounding pharmacist at the pharmacy. These drugs, available only at our webstore and nowhere else in the world, are great at treating acne and only cost $60. Brad is also a published author, who has published articles in peer-reviewed journals about Accutane, the aggressive oral medication for acne. That is one reason that Clinic Dermatology is one of the TOP prescribers of isotretinoin in the region, 

Please text us today or fill out our quick-form to make an appointment. You will be so glad that you did!


Bradley Jellerichs, ARNP, DCNP

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